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Pure castor oil

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Helps in:

🍀Hair growth

🍀Smoothens hair

☘️Strengthens hair and darkens

☘️Removes dandruff

🍀Treats skin irritation

☘️Stimulates hair growth in bald areas 🍀Treats dryness

🍀Can be used as a conditioner – it’s mixed with steaming and applied.

5.Castor oil removes stretch marks


For a healthy body and hair

Benefits of Castor oil:

Castor oil has many benefits to the human body. Almost everything from the castor plant has a benefit to the human body.


  1. Cleans the colon

Drink castor oil 2 table spoons in the morning, rest for 2 hours then drink two glasses of water and continue to drink one glass of water after every hour.

  1. For a paralyzed person, joint pains, back pains and waist pains

How to use it:

For menstrual pain apply on your belly button. For back pains, joints and waist, massage it on your body.

  1. Loss of appetite, constipation and others.
  2. Hair

Good hair, clean, strong and without breakage and healthy skin can come by from using Castor oil.


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